Bitcoin price in Zimbabwe

Bitcoin price in Zimbabwe

Data network The market shows that wave network difi plate continued to rise in 23 currencies today. Among them, nest, DEX, sun, MKR, JST, uni, uni, sun, MKR and JST, Bitcoin price in Zimbabwerespectively, increased by 15.81%, 15.49%, 21.07%, 5.98% and 12.31%, respectively.

The NBS Council also disclosed that in the next step, NBS will continue to strengthen cooperation with major exchanges, constantly enrich mining functions, and continuously strengthen the construction of internal DEX. More trading pairs and contract plans are under intensive development. NBS will continue to make efforts and continue to lead the defi and DEX sectors.

In addition, based on the 30 minute cycle transaction monitoring, 207 large orders were bought, accounting for 47.48%; 194 large orders were sold, accounting for 44.50%.

3. The defi index of currency World Research Institute: dex157.47 (- 3%), derivatives 169.14 (- 2%), loans 164.76 (- 5%), prophecy 118.33 (- 4%).

Andrecronje, founder of yfi, launched a proposal three days ago to transfer kp3r-eth fund pool to alphahomora, which has been implemented today.

The block data shows that in 2020, the supply of stable currency will increase from 5.9 billion US dollars to 24.8 billion US dollars, with an increase of 322%; the trading volume will increase from 248 billion US dollars to more than 1 trillion US dollars, with an increase of 316%; the number of addresses holding more than 100 US dollars of stable currency will increase from 284000 to 856000, an increase of 201%; the number of daily active addresses will increase from 53000 to 230000, an increase of 332%; and the number of daily transactions will increase from 98000 to 48000 3600Bitcoin price in Zimbabwe0, an increase of 343%.

Therefore, it may be easier to change the price on AMM than on the order book. This is due to low capital efficiency, but it will not exist for a long time. AMM will eventually have a much higher manipulation cost than CEX.

ALPA token pledge function of ALPA in ALPA city has been launched for one hour. More than 500000 ALPA have participated in the pledge. Players can obtain wool by pledging ALPA token and use it to exchange for the 0t generation ALPA NFT with different energy, which combines token economy and NFT ecology in depth. according to According to the data, alpaca city has been online for three weeks, and has become the first DAPP in the blockchain game category of the whole network, and its Alpaca NFT trading volume ranks third in the collection category of opensea, the world's largest NFT trading platform.

according to According to the data, horizen (Zen), the fifth largest asset of grayscale, will be halved for the first time at block height of 840000, about 18:30 today. After halving, the number of bonus for blocks increased from 12.5 to 6.25. Horizen (Zen) is also the last currency to be halved in 2020.