Ethereum vs Bitcoin

Ethereum vs Bitcoin

Inevitably, as the token lock-up period expires, the founders will inevitably consider whether to continue to invest more in the development of the project based on the company's development and profitability: can the company or fund make money at present? Can the tokens in hand continue to increase in value? Are there more options worth investing in? Can the project still achieve the expected goals? Are there other sources of income that allow them to continue to hold large amounts of tokens? Can they provide enough liquidity for the tokens they hold for a long time? These issues will affect Ethereum vs Bitcointhe founder's handling of tokens.

At that time, because I owned SAIC, I analyzed SAIC's production and sales reports every year. I thought that SAIC could only rely on GM and Volkswagen to support production and sales. What was unexpected was that Wuling came to the fore and took over the banner of growth. Later, I felt that Roewe’s electric car was really broken. Who would buy it? As a result, Roewe's sales also took off.

The billionaire and well-known Bitcoin evangelist Tim Draper also expressed similar views in the 415Storiespodcast program. He said that the global economic crisis is coming irreversibly, but this time neither the major central banks nor the major central banks can save the market. It is not the governments of various countries. Bitcoin is the real "savior".

(If users are unfamiliar or for other reasons, they can also deposit their assets on reliable exchanges that support this hard fork upgrade. Up to now, the exchanges that have clearly supported this upgrade include Binance, Huobi, and coinbase , Poloniex, etc. Of course, if readers are confident in their own technology, it would be a better choice to operate on their own, because if there is a chain split, you can get the forked coins as soon as possible. )

In the latest statistical cycle, the long position of leveraged fund accounts further rose from 4,923 to 5,458, a record high. At the same time, the short position rose from 6,477 to 6,815, simultaneously refreshing the historical high position. Leveraged funds have continuously increased their two-way positions in the last two statistical periods, but the ratio of long and short positions is still very stable so far. Therefore, the long-term attitude of leveraged funds has not changed significantly, or it can be considered that this type of Institutions’ futures positions bear the responsibility of hedging the risks of spot positions to a certain extent. In this way, the recent continued increase in holdings actually proves that the pace of institutional entry has accelerated significantly.

The MarketWatch Ethereum vs Bitcoinarticle also speculates that the sudden reversal of market sentiment was caused by the recent surge in some tokens. Since mid-December 2018, the prices of Ethereum, Litecoin, and the recently introduced fork of Bitcoin Cash have all increased by more than 50%. Ethereum performed particularly well at the end of 2018, rising 85% in just 18 days. MarketWatch wrote in the article:

In 2008, when Microsoft's CEO Steve Ballmer was preparing to enter cloud computing, he shouted the slogan Forthecloud, we'reallin. Nowadays, we seem to be able to say, Forthebitcoin, we'reallin.

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